March 30, 2017

What does the ‘Warning: Please select records to be cloned’ message mean on the Mass Clone page?

The Mass Clone page allows records to be searched, selected, and cloned. The search results section of the page has a checkbox column to select which record in the search results should be cloned. The warning message ‘Please select records to be cloned’ will display when none of the records are selected by checking the checkbox and the clone button is clicked. Select records before clicking the clone button.
March 30, 2017

Will Super Clone Pro clone Opportunity Partners?

Yes. Opportunity Partner records can be cloned using Super Clone Pro. In the clone configuration, select the partner relationship to be cloned with the opportunity. When cloning the Partner, Salesforce requires that either the Account or Opportunity to blank. You may receive the exception message,”Opportunity: Cannot specify both Opportunity and AccountFrom”. In the configuration, try setting the field action for “Account From ID” to “Leave Empty”. The platform will then populate […]
March 30, 2017

Will Super Clone Pro clone related Notes, Attachments, and Files?

Notes and Attachments:  Yes. Super Clone Pro can clone the Notes and Attachments related to standard or custom object. The binary data of the note and file is duplicated into a new Attachment record. Enhanced Notes and Files: Super Clone Pro can clone the reference to an Enhanced Note and File. Salesforce stores Enhanced Notes and Files in the Content Document object, and the Content Document Link object that references the Content Document […]
February 7, 2018

How do I style Super Clone Pro for Lightning Experience (LEX)

The clone, copy, and edit pages are built with Salesforce’s Visualforce technology, and by default the pages inherit the Classic page style. There are two ways to apply Lightning styles. The easiest way is to add the URL parameter “lss=1”. Super Clone Pro looks for this parameter, and it will turn on the Visualforce lightningStylesheets tag to true. Here is an example of the custom button. /lcrm_scp__scpClone?lss=1&rid={!MyObject__c.Id}&cfg=MyConfig The second way […]
December 13, 2018

How do I add a Super Clone button for a community or partner portal site?

The custom button can be created with the global variable $Site.Prefix. This will return the path of the current community. /* Super Clone */ {!URLFOR($Site.Prefix + '/apex/dh_superclone__superclone', null, [rid=MyObject__c.Id, cfg="MyConfig")} /* Super Clone Pro */ {!URLFOR($Site.Prefix + '/apex/lcrm_scp__scpclone', null, [rid=MyObject__c.Id, cfg="MyConfig")}
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