How do I work around the ‘An internal server error has occurred’ when cloning an Opportunity?
March 4, 2017
How do I fix the error ‘Sales Price: field integrity exception: UnitPrice (only one of unit price or total price may be specified)’ when cloning an opportunity?
March 4, 2017

How do I work around the ‘Maximum view state size limit (135KB) exceeded.’ error on the Configuration Page?

This error occurs when an object has a significant number of fields and/or child relationships. Modifications were made to the Configuration page that improve its ability to mange information about the objects in recent versions of Super Clone. Here is a list of potential workarounds.

  • Non-profit companies may upgrade to the latest version of Super Clone.
  • For-profit companies are encouraged to upgrade to Super Clone Pro.
  • The workaround for this configuration page error is to manually create records for the CloneObject__c and CloneField__c objects. View other configurations for examples for the format and values required in the configuration objects.

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