How to: make the Super Clone Pro Edit Page redirect back to itself after save
November 12, 2020
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October 14, 2021

How To: Redirect to the Lightning Edit Modal After Saving

This is an example of the custom button url that would be used to redirect a user to the Lightning Edit Modal. We also need to include the backgroundContext URL parameter, so the record page is loaded underneath the window.

Here is an example that references a Case object. The beginning of the URL is standard up to the saveURL2 parameter.


The saveURL2 parameter is an encoded URL that contains [newid] in two spots. These are replaced with the new cloned record id. The backgroundContext URL parameter is double encoded, and this contains what should display behind the Edit modal. 

Below is the parameter decoded one time. It’s easier to see the URL of the edit modal page, and the backgroundContext parameter with its encoded value.


Below is the backgroundContext decoded, and we can see the View page url.


To customize this for your environment, you will need to replace a few things in the code.

  • First, replace where it references “Case” with your object’s API. One spot in the rid url parameter and two spots in the saveURL parameter.
  • Next, update the configuration from “MyConfig” to your Super Clone Pro configuration name.

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