How To: Load the Super Clone Copy page after the native record creation page
March 4, 2017
How To: Load the native edit page after cloning a record
March 4, 2017

How To: Reference the original record in a new cloned record

Super Clone
Field values on the primary object can be set using URL parameters. First, change the configuration action for the field to ‘Set Value’. Then set a URL parameter that has the name of the field equaling a value.


Super Clone Pro
Field values on both the primary object and child objects can reference the record that they were cloned from . Super Clone Pro has a field configuration action that will assign a value from the original record to the new cloned or copied record.

Use the field configuration action of ‘Action Formula List’. Enter the keyword ‘FIELD()’ in the value column, and put the API field name for the source of the value within the parenthesis. The value ‘Field(Id)’ would be used to reference the original record that was cloned.

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