September 23, 2018

How To: Clone Person Accounts in Salesforce

Person Accounts are a combination of the Account and Contact record. The Account record type controls if Salesforce displays and processes the Account as a Person Account or Business Account. Salesforce has special processing for Person Accounts, so they can be tricky to process. Super Clone Pro can clone Person Accounts and related records. The only requirement is that the Account’s standard ‘Name’ field have a field action set as […]
October 22, 2018

How To: Clone a Parent Record with Child Records that Reference Each Other

Cloning hierarchies of records can run into challenges when records in the hierarchy reference each another. Lookup filters can add complexity to logic needed to clone references. Super Clone Pro can help connect record references when cloning a hierarchies of records. If a record references another record lower in the hierarchy, Super Clone Pro will update that parent’s lookup reference field after the child record is inserted. If a child […]
October 26, 2018

How To: Run Super Clone Pro from Batch Apex

Sometimes heavy processing requires running Apex logic asynchronously to avoid reaching Salesforce processing limits. Below is an example of how run Super Clone Pro’s methods to Clone a hierarchy or Copy child records in a batch Apex job. Both batch examples accept parameters of which records should be processed. The batch query selects records to process based on the Ids that were received. The class implements stateful, so it may […]
December 13, 2018

How do I add a Super Clone button for a community or partner portal site?

The custom button can be created with the global variable $Site.Prefix. This will return the path of the current community. [crayon-5c19452982a09861432548/]