Super Clone Pro

Super Clone Pro will help clone, copy, edit and display up to 6 levels of records with the single click of a button. Its functionality can be run from flow or Apex in addition to the out-of-the-box pages.

First, an administrator creates a configuration. The configuration defines which object and child relationships to include. It specifies fields to display, which are editable, the order they will show on the pages, and actions to set the field’s value.

Second, create a custom button for the primary object.

Finally, add the custom button to a page layout, and you are now ready to use Super Clone Pro.

Super Clone Pro Features

  • Clone, copy, edit, or display up to 6 levels of records
  • Configure which child relationships to include
  • Filter records within the child relationships
  • Re-parent records in child relationships
  • Mass Clone records and their relationships from a List View or Mass Clone page
  • Clone Attachments or references to Content Documents
  • Configure field values to be set in the new records
  • Reconnect lookup reference fields to records cloned in the same record hierarchy
  • Control date/time field values with advanced date/time logic
  • Assign fields a value from the original record. For example, assign the original record’s Id to a “cloned from” or “parent Id” field on the new record
  • Use URL parameters to assign field values
  • Run functionality from Apex or a flow

Custom Button Setup

Mass Clone