Super Clone Pro
Mass Clone Instructions

Super Clone Pro provides the ability to clone multiple records at the same time with it’s Mass Clone functionality. A link to the Mass Clone page is found on the Super Clone Pro Configuration list page. There will be a link for Mass Clone next to the Edit link. The Mass Clone page allows the user to search and select multiple record for a cloning operation.

Search fields and columns displayed on the page are from the primary object type being cloned. Adding a search field is done by checking the Display column checkbox in the configuration for the primary object. Second, third, and fourth level relationships records will be cloned, but they will not display on the search or confirmation pages.

The Show and Edit columns of the Primary object’s fields control behavior in the Mass Clone page.

Checking the checkbox in the Show column will make the field display as a column in the search result table, and it will be presented as a search field if it is input capable.

Checking the checkbox in the Edit column will make the field editable on the confirmation page, so it can be changed by the user before the record is inserted.

Click the Search button to find records. At least one field of the primary object must have the Show checkbox checked.  After clicking the Search button, the table will fill with records that meet the search criteria. All records up to the limits will be returned if no criteria is entered.

Search options are shown at the bottom of the Search page. A “Maximum view state size limit (135KB) exceeded” error may occur, and the limit fields help control the amount of data returned.

  • Results Per Page – control the paging of the search result table.
  • Maximum Search Results – limits the number of total records returned by the Search.
  • Clone Batch Size – chunks the selected records to be cloned into batches.
    • The cloning process loads the records into the page for confirmation. Large amounts of data will cause the page to reach a View State limit. Changing the Clone Batch Size to a smaller number will control how many records are loaded into the page for each clone transaction, and this can help keep the amount of data below the View State limit.

, there are fields to adjust the Results Per Page and Maximum Search Results. The Results Per Page control the paging of the search result table. The Maximum Search Results value limits the number of total records returned by the Search.  Salesforce Governor limits may be reached because the the Mass Clone functionality potentially can return a lot of data.

Check the checboxes next to records you wish to clone, and press the Clone Selected Items button. The confirmation page will appear with clone configurations applied to the records that are presented.  Fields on the primary object with the Edit checkbox checked will show as editable on this page.

Click the Confirm Clone button to perform the clone action on all of the selected records.

Note: This page may reach a Salesforce Governor limit for View State because there could be a significant amount of data loaded. If this limit error appears, try selecting fewer records to clone at one time, and perform the mass clone additional times until you’ve cloned everything that is needed.

After the clone has successfully completed, a page will appear that lists a link to each of the new records. Click on one of the links, and a new window will open to the record’s native Salesforce page.

Note: It is possible to reach Salesforce governor limits due to the amount of data being queried and cloned.

  • Maximum View State Error. Recovery: add filter criteria to the search if the error occurs during the search page, or select smaller batches of records to clone if the error occurs during the cloning transaction.
  • System.TypeException: Cannot have more than 10 chunks in a single operation error. Recovery: select fewer records to clone per transaction.