Super Clone Pro
Display Page Custom Button

Display functionality will show a record hierarchy of up to 6 levels. To get started, all you need to do is create a configuration, create a custom button, and add the custom button to a page.

Custom Button

  • Enter a Label and Name
  • Set “Display Type” to “Detail Page Button”
  • Set “Behavior” to “Display in existing window without sidebar or header”

Button URL

The typical setup will reference the Super Clone Pro page, a URL parameter for the record id, and a URL parameter for the configuration name. The example below uses the URLFOR function with parameters.

{!URLFOR('/apex/lcrm_scp__scpdisplay', null, [rid=Opportunity.Id, cfg="opportunityConfig"])}

Additional URL parameters could be added within the URLFOR function or after. Adding them after may be more readable or flexible for long saveURL2 strings or chaining together clone actions.

{!URLFOR('/apex/lcrm_scp__scpdisplay', null, [rid=Opportunity.Id, cfg="opportunityConfig"])}&retURL2=%2F{!Opportunity.Parent_Opportunity__c}

URL Parameter Options

Required Parameters

  • cfg – Name given to the configuration
  • rid – Record Id of the primary object being displayed

Optional Parameters Navigation

  • retURL2 – URL encoded string that references a page to navigate to after the cancel button is pressed

Optional Parameters – Display

  • lss – Turn off application of Lightning Style Sheets on the Visualforce by setting the value to 0
    • Example: &lss=0
  • pricolumns – Specify a number of columns to display for the primary object.
    • Valid values include 1 to 8 columns

Additional Information