Super Clone

Super Clone is a free app on the Salesforce AppExchange available to non-profit companies. There are three pages in this package that help with cloning, editing, and copying objects with their related lists. Both standard and custom object records are supported.

An administrator setups a configuration for an object. The configuration allows related lists to be selected to display on the pages. Fields can be made editable or left as display only. Field values can be set, copied, or left empty. The three page types (Clone, Edit, and Copy) can leverage the same configurations, but they each do it in slightly different ways.

Next, create a custom button for the object, and add the button on a page layout. You are now ready to use Super Clone.

Super Clone Pro
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Super Clone Features

  • Clone and copy up to 2 levels of records (parent and child)
  • Copy child relationships from one record to another record of the same type
  • Edit parent and child records on the same page
  • Configure field values to be set in the new records
  • Use URL parameters to assign field values on the primary object

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