Super Clone
Permission Settings

Two permission sets are included in Super Clone. The Super Clone Admin permission set can be assigned to those who need the ability to create and update configurations. The Super Clone User permission set can be assigned to users who will only be running Super Clone for cloning, editing, and copying.

Super Clone Admin permission set grants the ability to read, update, and delete the Super Clone custom objects. It grants permission to use all of the Visualforce pages.

Super Clone User permission set grants the ability to only read the Super Clone custom objects. It grants permission to use only the Clone, Edit, and Copy Visualforce pages.

The permission sets are provided as a quick way to assign the required permissions, so users can get up and running quickly. However, these same permissions can be granted through profiles. Below is more detail on permissions for objects and Visualforce pages for those that are granting access with Profile permissions.

Object Permissions

At a minimum, a user must have read access to the objects and all object fields for CloneConfiguration__c, CloneObject__c, and CloneField__c custom objects. In addition, Administrators will need Create and Edit access to the objects, so they can maintain Super Clone Pro configurations.

Visualforce Permissions

Visualforce Page permissions are needed to view any of the Super Clone pages. The Visualforce page permission can be found at Setup -> Develop -> Pages . Locate the Visualforce pages that start with the text “SuperClone” or are in the “dh_superclone” namespace.

Click on the Security link to the left of the pages.

Select profiles that should have access to the page, and click Save.

The following are Configuration pages. System Administrators usually only have access to them.

  • SuperCloneConfig
  • SuperCloneConfigList
  • SuperCloneConfigNew
  • SuperCloneConfigTransfer

The following are action pages for cloning, editing, and copying records. Users that perform these actions, in addition to System Administrators, will have access to them.

  • SuperClone
  • SuperCloneCopy
  • SuperCloneEdit