Super Clone
Transfer Configurations Between Orgs

Transferring configurations between Orgs can be done on the Import/Export Configurations page. Configuration data can be copied from the export page section in one environment and pasted into the import page section of a different environment. This can also be used as a quick way to duplicate an existing configuration.

A link to the Import/Export Configurations  page is found at the bottom of the Configuration List page. Clicking this link will load the Import/Export Configurations page into a new tab.

Export is the default view, and the view can be toggled to the Import view by clicking the button at the top of the page titled “Import Configurations”. On the Export view, a list of the current configurations will be displayed.

Click on the configuration name link to load data from the configuration. A JSON string will appear in the text box. Copy this text, and paste it into the Import page of the environment you are transferring the configurations to.

The Import page consists of a text box to paste the configuration data into and an Import button. There is a validation that will prevent you from entering a configuration with the same name as one that already exists, and one that requires the primary object to be valid. Invalid child objects, relationships, and fields will not be added to the configuration, and a warning message will inform you if any were skipped.

Paste the configuration data into the text box, and click the Import button to create the new configuration.